"I think 5 SPEED could have done the work in the dark! Fantastic job."
- Martin, Derbyshire

"We are lucky to have such quality MX-5 experts in the Midlands area"
- Dave, MX-5 owner


about us

5 SPEED is the Midland's premier performance centre, specialising in the Mazda MX-5.

Formed by Ferrari and Subaru trained mechanic Steven Morecroft, 5 SPEED is the leading MX-5 specialist in the midlands, able to improve all aspects of the magnificent Mazda MX-5.

Steven's own MX-5 was recently featured in Autocar after being stripped down and rebuilt. Thanks to 5 SPEED's expertise it is currently putting down well over 400bhp, compared to 120bhp of a standard car. This is no stripped out race car however, it's Steven's daily runabout!

Oh, and like all true enthusiasts he isn't finished with it yet. We'll be following Steven as he tries to find other ways of exploiting the potential of these amazing cars.

Mazda produced a brilliant car when it launched the MX-5, but 5 SPEED knows that every MX-5 has the potential to be so much more. And you don't need a huge budget to do this. If your MX-5 is standard, then we believe we can improve it for less than £100!

More power, better handling, improved looks? It's all at 5 SPEED, waiting for you.