"5 SPEED sorted both my back brakes out in next to no time and did a great job. After asking if I had any other problems, 5 Speed sorted out my electric windows, cleaned up my K&N air filter, tightened my handbrake and took the slack out of the accelerator cable!"
- Andy, Derbyshire

"We are lucky to have such quality MX-5 experts in the Midlands area"
- Dave, MX-5 owner



No matter how good a car is when it rolls out of the factory, it is very difficult to imagine there were no areas where the manufacturer had to compromise; for time constraints, to keep development costs down or even just to ensure the car makes a decent profit when it leaves the forecourt.

Every car has its weaknesses, and this is where we come in.

5 SPEED understand the areas of your car that can be improved. Whether it's a small tweak that makes a huge difference, or a significant upgrade that transforms the entire car, 5 SPEED can help you.

So, what are you dreaming about?